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Why You Should Choose a Cheaper Phone?

Why You Should Choose a Cheaper Phone?

Mobile phones have gone a long way over the years. The competition among popular manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia and more has also intensified. Every year, we see a number of high-end handsets hit the market and if you were like most people, you’d probably want one of those sleek, feature-packed expensive phones. The problem for most of us, however, buying these phones upfront can hurt the budget. This is why most mobile users resort to contract phone deal if they want high-end handsets.


Contract phones offer a package deal where you get a handset and a bundle plan on your phone services. If you have a good credit score, sky’s usually the limit when it comes to your handset choices. If you want the latest Samsung Galaxy or the upcoming iPhone 7, for instance, you can get it without buying the phone upfront with the right contract phone deal.

There’s just one key thing to consider if you’ve decided on getting a contract phone deal and it’s the price. While contract phone deals may advertise that they’re offering free handsets as part of the deal, the cost of your handset choice will be factored in when determining your fixed monthly fee.

Take for instance this Apple iPhone 6S offer with 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and a generous 4GB data. The contract requires a £15 upfront fee and a £40.74 monthly fee for 24 months. As you can see, the deal is pretty expensive because of the handset. If it were a cheaper phone you’ve opted, it would follow that the monthly fee will be less expensive as well.


If you want a cheaper monthly fee then this is where you need to settle for a cheaper handset rather than a high-end smartphone. If you have a bad credit score then all the more that you need to opt for a cheaper handset. With a poor credit rating to consider, your handset options are way more limited than if you have a good credit. In fact, chances of your contract deal application being rejected are very likely because of bad credit. In this instance, cheaper phones come handy. By choosing a cheaper handset, your fee will be cheaper thus increasing your approval chances.


You may also adjust your bundle plan accordingly if you want a cheaper fee per month. But in the end, a cheaper handset may be a wise decision considering that you’ll probably switch phones after a year or so anyway.






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